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A lot of KAS in my FREEZED transaction - more than 46 millions!

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I have send only 623 KAS from exchange to my Kaspium wallet (android). But my KAS was not received on my mobile wallet :-(

After some investigating I see than in transaction two OUTPUTS: - First is correct - 623 KAS - Second is very strange with 46000000 KAS!!!

Transaction was freezeez in confirmations step (now more 65000 confirmations).…

UPDATE: After more than 24h and 86k confirmations - my transaction was confirmet. It is FASTEST blockchain?!?! (no)

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asked 2023-04-05 07:16:19 +0000
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This transaction has been confirmed now for 38 hours (hour of this response 20.55GMT+1), about 26 hours before you posted here, now if you used a wallet that is still in its beta stage and don't know how to deal with some glitch it still has it's another thing.

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answered 2023-04-05 19:57:58 +0000, updated 2023-04-05 20:42:12 +0000
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