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Kaspa gone from wallet but no outgoing transactions showing

Hi, I opened my wallet just now : kaspa:qpdnd93c3kpa9nlajt8n5mlpmj8ze97nwep4esh2sdkca0t3leahwk20sxa5c

and I initially saw my balance at just over 25k, but then it just dissappeared down to below 1 coin right in front of my eyes

no outgoing transactions are showing in my transaction history, can you help me out here? or is it gone for good?

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asked 2023-03-16 02:07:26 +0000
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The same thing happened to me recently. The receive address of my wallet myseriously changed and my balance is not zero. I can trace the transactions but do not know how to restore the coins to my wallet even after a restore from seed. Is there a developer or customer support that can help?

TheWolf7777's avatar TheWolf7777 (2023-03-29 23:52:02 +0000) edit
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hi, my coins disappeared too. did you decide anything?

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answered 2023-03-28 01:02:43 +0000
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mine too((

a81k's avatar a81k (2023-03-30 06:30:52 +0000) edit
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