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I am a novice, may I ask if I only need to save the private key and not need to remember the login address?

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Is this address an official wallet? I only need to remember the private key, and then I don't need to remember my wallet address, is that right? Is it safe for me to do this? I currently have no idea which wallet address is mine at all, I only have the private key

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asked 2023-02-25 06:35:20 +0000
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In case you want to make sure the wallet address is official, go through the website, and find the links on the Resources page.

Kingu's avatar Kingu (2023-02-25 22:23:18 +0000) edit
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That's right: in order to recover the wallet you only need the 12 words that were given to you at its creation.

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answered 2023-02-25 08:18:42 +0000
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